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The role of each parent is extremely important for all young athletes. We encourage parents, family and friends to attend games applauding the player’s good plays. There is to be no coaching by parents from the sidelines during games or trainings. We ask parents to bring their positive attitudes to all games and to support the team and coaches. Negative comments towards refs or coaches may result in you being asked to leave the game. “Sideline coaching” is unacceptable.

We expect parents to be positive reinforcements for their athletes, helping them build confidence and nurture their love of the game. We do not condone parents criticizing players, teams or coaches in any way. We strive to foster the best environment for your athlete to thrive. We help them push their boundaries, unleash their potential and develop their skills in a positive environment. We do NOT expect perfection and neither should parents. We DO expect both athletes and parents to display good character and sportsmanship. 

In line with these expectations, we ask at trainings for parents to stay a fair distance away from the fields. We ask that coaches are not to be approached by parents at trainings or games either before or afterwards concerning their player. This is a time for both the coaches and players to be focused on the task at hand.

We thank you for your support and cooperation, as it is vital for your player’s positive soccer experience and for the success of our club.


Liberty FC’s number one tool for information is sent out by Vlad, Kris and the team managers. We also send out mass communications through our website.  Team Managers will keep you posted with team-specific information such as roster contact info, special team events and last minute scheduling changes. Team managers also keep track of your player’s availability for games. Please let them know ASAP if you will not be able to attend a game or planned event.

We are proud of how many members are a part of our club. You can imagine how many emails our staff receives in just one day.  So we ask for your help in reducing the amount of emails submitted.  Please check our website first before contacting the staff with a question. Parents and players are encouraged to keep open channels of communication with their coach at any time. The Liberty FC Director of Coaching, Vlad Muresan, has an “open door” policy. If you have any concerns regarding your player’s performance or there is a personal issue you need to discuss, please contact Vlad at [email protected].