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Liberty FC is a premier soccer club located in Northeast Ohio. Our objective is to develop club members and help them maximize their potential as players, young people and future role models. They will learn the importance of DESIRE, DEDICATION and DISCIPLINE as they have FUN learning to play “The Beautiful Game”.

Our goal is to provide a quality soccer environment and organization with quality players and coaches so that our club remains competitive in the State of Ohio and beyond. 


Liberty FC’s number one concern is player development. The ultimate goal of our club is to develop players so they can go on to the next level of the game, high school, Olympic Developmental Program, college and the professional level. We have a commitment to our players to put them in an environment that is challenging and will constantly test their abilities. As players mature it is important to move them up to ensure that they are constantly challenged at their own individual level. All of these challenges must be kept within a fun, yet demanding environment. Technical, tactical, psychological and physical aspects of the game are all taught within the structure of the club’s curriculum.



Liberty FC coaches are highly trained, dedicated and motivated. They strive not only to develop players to their fullest potential but also to be good role models. Director of Coaching, Vlad Muresan, encourages his coaching staff to further their coaching education at every available opportunity. Each year they attend coaching conventions where they learn new technical and tactical information.


We hope you and your family have a positive and enjoyable soccer experience during your involvement with Liberty FC!
Vlad Muresan, Director of Coaching