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Liberty FC is a premier soccer club located in Northeast Ohio. Our objective is to develop club members and help them maximize their potential as players, young people and future role models. They will learn the importance of DESIRE, DEDICATION and DISCIPLINE as they have FUN learning to play “The Beautiful Game”.

Our goal is to provide a quality soccer environment and organization with quality players and coaches so that our club will be competitive in the State of Ohio and beyond. The below guidelines explain what the staff of Liberty FC expect at all times of its players and parents. We are not just looking for soccer players but young men and women who are well rounded.


Liberty FC’s number one concern is player development. The ultimate goal of our club is to develop players so they can go on to the next level of the game, high school, Olympic Developmental Program, US Soccer Developmental Academy, college and the professional level. We have a commitment to our players to put them in an environment that is challenging and will constantly test their abilities. As players mature it is important to move them up to ensure that they are constantly challenged at their own individual level. All of these challenges must be kept within a fun yet demanding environment. Technical, tactical, psychological and physical aspects of the game will all be taught within the structure of the club’scurriculum.


Our club demands the highest of expectations from its members, as a person and a player. Remember that you are representing Liberty FC and yourself at all times, on and off the field. Show respect to your coaches, trainers and teammates. They are there to help each of you become a better person and player. We only want the highest quality people associated with the program.


“Without commitment, nothing gets done” is our club motto. We understand that everyone will at one time or another have a conflict with training and game schedules. It is our expectation that each player will do their best to attend all trainings and games. There is no need to let the staff know if you will miss a training. Coaches will be there regardless and will take attendance. However, if you cannot make a game please email your team manager as soon as possible. Our coaches need to know ahead of time so they can make roster adjustments. Keep in mind that the majority of coaching occurs during training sessions, this is the true venue for players to improve.

Players that are invited to join our club are asked to make a full year commitment and not just for a season per our Parent/Player Contract. We will NOT hold roster positions. If you choose to sit out a season, your position will be opened up for another player. Once you have accepted a roster spot the fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. This includes in the event of an injury, because you change your mind, or forgot to notify the Club Director.


Liberty FC coaches are highly trained, dedicated and motivated. They strive not only to develop players to their fullest potential but also to be good role models. Director of Coaching, Vlad Muresan, encourages his coaching staff to further their coaching education at every available opportunity. Each year they attend coaching conventions where they learn new technical and tactical information.

Liberty FC coaches prepare a training lesson before every practice. We ask that they are not approached by parents before training so they can stay focused on the players and the task at hand. If you need to discuss an issue with them please contact them via email.


Training schedules for each team are posted on the club’s website. All players are required to wear their BLACK training jersey and black shorts for all practices. Make sure to bring a soccer ball, shinguards, and a filled water bottle. It is important to show up on time. This means have your shinguards and shoes on ready to go by practice time. During practices, we ask that all parents respect that the players are training and to stay a fair distance away from the fields. Our coaches strive to create an environment that is quiet, focused and with no excessive pressure from scrutinizing parents. This is so the coaches can be heard and understood easily. If everyone adheres to the rules, players will enjoy the environment that is extremely conducive to coaching, playing and learning. If the weather is questionable the day of training please check our website Home Page, Facebook and Twitter. We will have cancellations posted by 3:00 pm that day. As a general rule, practices on turf are only canceled if it is thundering/lightening. If practice is scheduled on grass we will have to follow the discretion of the field managers.


Game schedules and directions to all the fields are posted on the club’s website. You will be notified via email if there is a scheduling or field change. The website will also reflect any changes. Each player needs to be at the soccer field dressed and ready to warm up 30 minutes before game time. Please bring ALL your PUMA Liberty FC gear to every game. We ask parents to bring their positive attitudes to all games and to support the team and coaches. Negative comments towards refs or coaches may result in you being asked to leave the game.  “Sideline coaching” is unacceptable.

Again, please contact your Team Rep if you cannot make a game so they can notify the coach.


Each Liberty FC team will participate in one mandatory tournament. This tournament is included in the cost of that season. There will be an opportunity to play in one or more additional tournaments at an additional cost if there is enough interest. It is IMPORTANT FOR THE PARENTS TO RESPOND BY THE GIVEN DEADLINE to your Team Rep if your child can play or not. Rosters and any tournament fees are due to the club in advance of the tournament and are not refundable.


The cost to participate and join Liberty FC varies depending on the age of the player and the team they are on. These fees can be found on your Player/Parent Contract. They include coaching expenses, administration, league and tournament fees. The fees do not include transportation to and from trainings, games or additional tournaments.

Once you have accepted a roster spot, the fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. This includes in the event of an injury, because you change your mind, or forgot to notify the Club Director. It is the PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY to notify Vlad Muresan at if you choose to not participate for a season BEFORE the payment deadline for the next season.

All checks should be made out and mailed to:

Liberty FC
1061 Middlefield Trail
Brunswick, Ohio 44212

Paperwork and payments will not be accepted at trainings or games unless specifically stated. They must be mailed to the above address.


All uniform packages along with additional items are available on our website under the Liberty FC Gear tab. You may order items at any time throughout the year.  Starting with the Fall 2014 season only Liberty uniform items are to be worn at games and tournaments. We are striving to not only be our best on the field but also to look our best. Be proud to wear your Liberty FC gear. You are a member of a talented and upstanding club.


Liberty FC’s number one tool for information is our website. You will also receive emails from our staff so be sure to check both places for the most accurate and up to date information. The channel of communications starts from Liberty FC’s Director of Coaching (DOC) Vlad Muresan which then gets sent to the Assistant Club Director Kris Notarianni.  Information will then be sent to the respective team managers. They will keep you posted with team-specific information such as roster contact info, special team events and last minute scheduling changes. Team managers also keep track of your player’s availability for games. Please let them know asap if you will not be able to attend a game or planned event.

We are proud of how many members are a part of our club. You can imagine how many emails our staff receives in just one day.  So we ask for your help in reducing the amount of emails submitted.  Please check our website first before contacting the staff with a question. Players are encouraged to keep open channels of communication with their coach at any time. The Liberty FC DOC, Vlad Muresan, has an “open door” policy. If you have any concerns regarding your player’s performance or there is a personal issue you need to discuss, please contact Vlad at [email protected].


The role of each parent is extremely important for all young athletes. The coaches ask at trainings for parents to stay a fair distance away from the fields. We encourage parents, family and friends to attend games applauding the player’s good plays. There is to be NO COACHING BY PARENTS from the sidelines during games or trainings.

We ask that coaches are not to be approached by parents at trainings or games either before or afterwards concerning their player. This is a time for both the coaches and players to be focused on the task at hand. Your support and cooperation is vital for your player’s positive soccer experience and for the success of our club.

We hope you and your family have a positive and enjoyable soccer experience during your involvement with Liberty FC!
Vlad Muresan, Director of Coaching

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