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Mar, 2024

Spring 2023 Tryouts

What to Know About Liberty FC Tryouts:

1. Give your best. Always put your best effort into every tryout. 

2. Be open to developing your skill set. We are more concerned with developing players than winning. Youth soccer is very competitive. Typically, club coaches have to win games or they lose their jobs or lose their players. This is not the case in our club. It is important to select a club who genuinely cares more about developing your player's skill set and their love for the game, versus merely focusing on winning. 

3. Prepare mentally. Learn about our club, the team, the players and the coaches. When you are on the field, think about the position(s) you play and the things you like to do when playing soccer.

4. Prepare technically and physically. Soccer is a skilled game which requires players to have a good fitness base. Set up a training plan focused on skill work: passing, shooting, dribbling, and, most importantly, receiving. 

5. Prepare on tryout day. This is game day, so to speak, and the main thing to do throughout the tryout is to keep reminding yourself that the tryout is going to be fun because you know that you will do your best. Get to the field early, at least 25 minutes in advance. Once you arrive at the field, get ready early and begin to warm up (with the ball) on your own. You are now ready to give your best to become your best.

6. Be yourself. Don’t try to be a Messi or Abby Wambach at your tryout. Just be the best you can be.

7. Play simple. Most players try to do too much at a tryout. Coaches look for those players who play the ball simple and do it well.

8. Use your skills. Coaches love to see skill and love players that are not afraid to use those skills they have developed.

9. Get involved. Just because you don’t know anyone at tryouts doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. Say “hello” to all the other players before you start and get comfortable as soon as you can.

10. Leave an impression. Play as if the coaches have no other choice but to pick you. At the end, shake each coach’s hand, tell them your name and thank them for the opportunity to try out. Cool down on your own, even if nobody else is, then put your sweats and jogging shoes back on and go home.

11. Have fun. Enjoy the experience. Enjoy the new players and coaches. Have a smile on your face and truly love the game of soccer. After all, why else are you there?