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Coaching Corner

In the Coaching Corner, learn about how our coaches are continuing their education through coaching courses and international experiences and how they are inspired by other coaches and professionals.

 Read Coach Vlad's account of his trip to the Antalya Training Camp with German based club Karlsruher SC (February 19-23, 2012) - Click Here

Inspirational Quotes:

The Value of Coaching Education and Coaching Development

Once a young player discover a passion for a sport, the single most important factor in their long-term development is coaching. The more a coach knows about teaching methodologies, about technical training, about the development of tactical insight, about the short-term and long-term periodization process, about the emotional needs of their players, and about the psychology of sport, the better the environment becomes. Above all else, top coaches have a vision that clearly connects training to performance to long-term evolution."

"Learning to coach at a high level takes as much effort as learning to play at a high level; neither comes without a significant investment of time and effort. Excellent teachers are made, not born.

          - Tom Turner – OYSAN Director of Coaching and Player Development

The Craft of Coaching

A good coach is able to take a player where they have never been before and will not get on their own

          - Bill Beswick  – renowned sports psychologist

The Three Coaching Hats

Selector. Coach. Manager.

      Selector = Coaches select = which means more than just picking and balancing the team
      Coach = Coaching = which entails training players to be better and gelling them into team
      Manager = Management = you have to be able to handle the players, to maintain discipline and so on.
          - Jose Mourinho – Chelsea FC coach


Chemistry is a contribution that teammates make to each other, but it’s also something a coach can create or facilitate

          - Tony Dicicco – US Womens Coach 1999 World Champion team

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